Original Crystal Chandeliers

Hand Made Chandeliers from the Czech Republic

Traditional Crystal Chandeliers

World-famous glittering Czech crystal chandeliers, luminaires and lamps with a manufacturing tradition dating back to 1728 with beautiful cut trimmings decorate traditional and modern interiors all over the world. These chandeliers are typical by their all-glass look. The glass arms of the chandeliers end with a glass dish decorated with crystal stones and trimmings of various shapes. Czech crystal chandeliers ArtCrystal Tomes are assembled from hand-crafted glass parts with cut ornamentation, which bestow upon the chandeliers a unique and original design created by the hands of master glassmakers, cutters, polishers and other craftsmen. The chandeliers come with a gold or silver finish on metal surfaces. These luxurious Czech crystal chandeliers and lamps have high brilliance and lustre and are popular among clients for their high quality and favourable price. 

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Modern Luminaires with Trimmings  

We offer a wide range of modern luminaires with trimmings, smooth glass chandeliers and designer modern luminaires. Modern luminaires with trimmings come in a simple design supplemented by crystal trimmings. Smooth glass chandeliers made of hand-blown glass parts are characterised by their elegant design. Our modern chandeliers and luminaires perfectly complement modern interiors where they create a light and airy feel thanks to the combination of transparent glass and chrome or nickel metal parts. The ArtCrystal Tomes designer luminaires and chandeliers with trimmings are usually created in cooperation with leading Czech designers. Designers use chandeliers with trimmings to complete modern exclusive interiors to make them unique. Do you need to uplift the interior of your flat, residence or office? Ask us to send you a non-binding quotation for a chandelier for your interior. 

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Chandeliers with Swarovski Trimmings

This luxurious assortment of crystal chandeliers, lamps, lamp-posts and wall luminaires are decorated with new, machine-cut, lead-free trimmings Advanced Crystal Swarovski. The label "SPECTRA ® Swarovski ®" guarantees that the product was created using genuine Swarovski crystals of the highest quality. These attractive luxurious trimmings reflect the entire colour spectrum and give the luminaires exceptional lustre. ArtCrystal Tomes chandeliers with Swarovski trimmings are composed of exclusive, hand-blown and hand-decorated glass parts. Chandeliers and luminaires with Swarovski trimmings decorate the most luxurious interiors of discerning owners. Ask only for the best for your flat and do not compromise. Purchase a chandelier from ArtCrystal Tomes with Swarovski components and you are sure to receive the admiration of your guests for your refined taste. With your architect's cooperation, we will help you in choosing and designing chandeliers with Swarovski trimmings for every interior. 

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Cut Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers made of hand-cut parts are assembled from blown and richly hand-cut original crystal components with high lustre. The luminaires are decorated with quality cut trimmings which reflect light and create a rainbow effect. Our production of Czech cut crystal chandeliers builds upon a centuries-old tradition of chandelier production in the Czech lands. We manufacture cut chandeliers from Czech crystal, which is recognized as one of the best in the world. ArtCrystal Tomes chandeliers with brilliant cut achieve the highest quality. Our production of cut chandeliers and luminaires is designed for customers who require the highest quality for a keen price. Purchasing these chandeliers for your room and house will increase the prestige of your interior through luxury lighting. We recommend supplementing a cut chandelier in your interior with wall luminaires and lamps of the same design. Our designers recommend these chandeliers and luminaires primarily for traditional, antique or rustic interiors, as well as glamour-style interiors. The installation of chandeliers and luminaires can be performed by our professional staff. 

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Maria Theresa Chandeliers

The name of the Maria Theresa chandeliers was inspired by the Austrian Archduchess Maria Theresa who was gifted a unique crystal chandelier on the occasion of her coronation as the Czech queen in 1743. The Maria Theresa luminaires are characterized by their metal arms faced with manually-shaped glass strips with crystal rosettes and embellished with scintillant crystal trimmings. The Company ArtCrystal Tomes offers Maria Theresa crystal chandeliers in various qualities - from traditional lead-free hand-crafted trimmings to exclusive hand or machine cut high-lead crystal. Maria Theresa luminaires shine in historical buildings and eminent palaces all over the world, such as in the royal palaces of Versailles and Fontainebleau. Maria Theresa-type crystal chandeliers are some of the finest and most prestigious chandeliers you can purchase for your luxurious interior. The designers recommend these chandeliers and luminaires for palace and historic interiors as well as elegant modern interiors, with a silver design most suited for glamour-style interiors. We also provide professional installation of chandeliers and luminaires.
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Large Crystal Chandeliers 

We offer large chandeliers in various designs for all types of interiors. The ArtCrystal Tomes assortment of luxury large-sized chandeliers is designed for both private residences as well as prestigious buildings such as theatres, palaces, government buildings, churches or restaurants. We produce large chandeliers as either traditional cut crystal luminaires, luxury cast luminaires, Maria Theresa chandeliers, or modern designer chandeliers and luminaires. These luminaires are typically designed based on the request of customers, architects or project architects, or in cooperation with our team of designers. We also offer mounting and installation of chandeliers and luminaires directly in the customer's interior. 

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Chandeliers cast fittings 

These chandeliers and luminaires are created by a unique method of casting brass into sand. The individual cast parts are worked by the most experienced craftsmen among girdlers and metalsmiths. To achieve the final effect, these cast parts are surface-refined based on specific customer requirements. Cast brass chandeliers ArtCrystal Tomes are decorated with reliefs with diverse patination which lends them a gold, silver or antique finish to fit the style of the interior. Cast luminaires can be decorated by glittering crystal trimmings both transparent and coloured. Cast brass chandeliers are recommended by designers and project architects for both classical, palace, antique, historicial or colonial-style interiors. You can highlight your interior with brass chandeliers and luminaires in cooperation with our designers. 

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Project lighting, Chandeliers and Luminaires

In cooperation with top architects, project architects and designers, we can produce unique, exceptional chandeliers and luminaires in a factory with three hundred years of tradition in chandeliers and luminaires production, through both traditional handcraft and the use of cutting edge machinery and production technologies. These chandeliers decorate and highlight prestigious unique interiors all over the globe. 

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