Installation of crystal chandeliers

Installation in Polish spa town Busko Zdroj. We mounted crystal and glass lamps in the new hotel facility with a large conference room. Altogether, 43 chandeliers and 30 wall lights were mounted. The largest chandelier had a diameter of 180cm and a height of almost 4 meters.

We bring a photo report from the assembly of chandeliers in the Polish town of Zagan. In the Prince's Palace, we mounted chandeliers in the main hall, the front room, the lounge, and the corridors. A total of 17 chandeliers and 33 wall lights were installed. The three largest chandeliers in the main hall have dimensions Ø160x180cm.

Photo-report from the installation of 36 luminaires in Berlin in Villa Calé, the future residence of the Embassy of the State of Qatar.

Photo-report from the installation of crystal lights in Poland at the private residence of Sliwniki. In the main hall we built a large Maria Theresa chandelier with a diameter of over 2 meters and 30 wall lights. Brass lanterns are installed in the corridors of the palace.

Company Artcrystal Tomeš was chosen within a wide competition of crystal chandelier manufacturers as a supplier of new chandeliers for the reconstruction of a mansion near the golf course in Paris. Our company has made adjustments to the chandeliers to match the interior by dimensions and wattage, and also chose the colors of trimmings to harmonize with the fabric covers on chairs and furniture. We also ensured the installation of chandeliers by our specialized staff, who brought the chandeliers to their place and mounted.

Dear Mr.Tomes,

I would like to thank you and your company for your chandeliers that are now glowing in my chateau in Paris. I'm excited about the crystal chandeliers that now decorate our interiors. They perfectly emphasize the atmosphere of the whole space. I am happy with your business cooperation. I can say, "Amazing chandeliers, perfect service."

Kind regards, Alex Durand, Paris 


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